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New Facility 06.20

The contractor for Modoc Medical Center’s (MMC) new facility is still pushing forward and hopes to be able to deliver the project within the same schedule as when it began. As a reminder, the construction project has been divided into three different buildings, which will be referenced throughout this article. Building (Bldg.) 100 is the hospital building, Bldg. 200 is the Clinic and Outpatient Services building, and Bldg. 300 is the building that will house the supplies warehouse, ambulance bays, maintenance shop and some offices.

As work continues, several things have now been completed on the project. The ceiling grid, from which the ceiling tiles hang, has been completed in Bldgs. 100 and 200. Once the ceiling tiles have been completely installed in Bldg. 100, crews will work to complete the ceiling tile work in Bldg. 200. Along with this, cherry wood for the lobby ceilings is currently being installed.

Drywall is also now complete in Bldg. 100, 200 and 300. The first coat of paint has been completed in Bldgs. 100 and 200, while painting in Bldg. 300 is ongoing. The second and final coats of paint will be applied much later in the project. Flooring has been completed for Bldg. 100 and the flooring for Bldgs. 200 and 300 is ongoing and nearly complete. Lighting in the corridors of Bldg. 100 is active via permanent power and all temporary lighting has been removed. Permanent power has been established in Bldg. 200, but crews are still utilizing temporary lighting. Cabinetry has been installed and anchored, and doors and hardware have also been installed in Bldg. 100. Doors and hardware for Bldg. 200 are at about 50 percent complete. As for the kitchen, the freezer and most equipment has been installed and anchored.

In addition, the concrete for the mobile MRI pad has been poured. This pad was added to the project to support MMC’s plan to offer outpatient MRIs in Alturas once or twice a month through a mobile MRI service after relocating to the new facility. Colored concrete and pavers have been placed at the main entryway to Bldg. 100. Light bases for parking lot lighting have been set as well but still need to be wired. Also, a flagpole has been erected in the parking lot across from the main entrance. One of the final things to be done on the project will be the stone veneer on the entryway columns.

MMC’s leadership staff is continuing to hold transition planning meetings in order to have an organized and systematic move to the new facility. MMC anticipates hosting several public events to give the community ample opportunity to tour the updated facility and see the completion of the project. As plans become finalized, MMC will disseminate information to the public and impacted agencies so that everyone is aware of how the transition to the new facility will take place and where they can receive their healthcare services.

CEO Kevin Kramer said of the project “I am pleased with the progress that continues to be made in the midst of COVID-19 and all the disruption that the pandemic has caused with suppliers, labor, work processes, travel and other factors that have impacted the project. Our team of contractors are working hard to provide us with an updated facility that will look great aesthetically and also last for years to come.”

New Facility Elevations


MMC became a smoke-free campus effective January 1, 2020. The purpose of adopting and implementing a smoke-free environment is to ensure all who visit and work on campus are exposed to a healthy environment.

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. Exposure to smoking and secondhand smoke are known causes of lung disease, heart disease, and cancer. As a facility, we recognize the hazards caused by tobacco use and exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke. MMC will prohibit the use of all tobacco products, including cigarettes, smokeless tobacco or electronic cigarettes on the MMC campus or within MMC facilities, by all MMC patients and staff.

Staff, visitors and clients will be informed of the smoke-free policy via signs posted throughout the properties owned and operated by MMC.

Smoking cessation programs and educational materials will be provided to those employees and members of the community who would like assistance to quit smoking.

Partnership with Canby Clinic

MMC and Canby Family Practice Clinic are pleased to announce the formation of a partnership between the two facilities. This change took effect on January 1st, 2020. Canby Family Practice Clinic’s affiliation with MMC will further allow both rural care providers to increase accessibility and quality medical and dental care for patients.

Kevin Kramer, CEO of MMC, said of the venture, “Canby Family Practice Clinic has a very successful model of care in both realms of clinical and dental care. We’re very excited to have the opportunity to partner with them by offering additional services and looking into different resources for our community. We are eager to help further support their efforts to provide high-quality healthcare in the region.”

The Canby Family Practice Clinic’s staff and healthcare providers will remain the same. Current patients will continue to be seen at the Canby location and Canby Clinic is currently accepting new patients. MMC and Canby Family Practice are striving to be better, together.