Quality Initiatives

The California Hospital Association (CHA), in partnership with the Hospital Quality Institute (HQI), believe that hospitals need to be more transparent to the public and that transparency is critical in driving overall improvement in patient safety and quality. HQI launched their Advancing Transparency in Hospital Quality Data project in February 2018. Every hospital in California has been invited to participate in the project.

MMC takes patient safety and quality seriously and supports this project and is, therefore, publishing the information in a PDF here. As you will see on the chart, there are several outcomes that read “Not Available,” rather than including a number value. This is due to the fact that MMC does not perform Cesarean or Colorectal Surgical Procedures. As for the Sepsis Mortality and CLABSI, our numbers are 0.00 due to a small percentage of patient data.

Our focus is on continuous improvement of quality care, but we need your input. If you have any questions or comments concerning quality assurance or performance improvements, please contact Alicia Doss, our Quality Improvement Manager at 530.233.5131 ext. 1417.

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