Visitor Resources


We want to ensure that your experience at MMC is positive from beginning to end. That means making it easy for you and your loved one to get all the instruction needed for their stay. In this section, you’ll find valuable guest information.

Cell Phones

We know there are many reasons why family and friends may need to use their cellular phones while visiting MMC. Because the signals from some phones present a potential danger of interference with some medical tools, we strongly discourage the use of cell phones from patient rooms and ask that they are turned off while in rooms. Visitors are permitted to make calls on cell phones from corridors or lobbies.


MMC is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is not allowed.

Visitation Safety Guidelines

For the comfort and well-being of all our patients, we ask that guests follow these guidelines:

  • Family and friends do not visit if they are ill with a transmittable disease, such as a cold or the flu
  • A responsible adult supervises visiting children at all times
  • No animals are allowed in the nursing units, with the exception of seeing-eye dogs
  • Flowers for patients are appreciated except in the ER or any other place where they may promote infection. Latex balloons may pose a risk to people with latex allergies and present a potential choking hazard to children —only Mylar balloons are permitted in the medical center.
Visiting Hours

Daily 8am – 10p

Visitors are crucial to the course of healing and we encourage family and friends to visit. Visiting hours may be modified to meet the patient’s needs.

Contact Patients

Please call (530) 708-8811 for the condition of a particular patient.

MMC can only provide certain patient info over the phone. In some cases, the patient or the patient’s family may ask that such information is not released.