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CEO Message

Our vision at Modoc Medical Center (MMC) is to provide the highest quality healthcare in a way that reflects kindness and respect and allows all people to feel valued as human beings. Our mission at Modoc Medical Center is to achieve the best clinical outcomes for our patients by keeping them at the center of what we do and who we are. Embedded in both statements is the fundamental belief that our success will depend on our ability to provide quality healthcare services to our patients and establish processes and a culture that will put our patients at the center of what we do. We feel that if we are successful at putting our patients first, we will continue to be successful as an organization and healthcare provider.

Our ability to work together as a team in delivering quality health care services will largely impact our ability to accomplish our mission by placing the patient first and providing each other with the support we need as a team to deliver the best health care possible.
In addition to keeping the focus on our patients and the health care we are delivering, we act according to the responsibility we have to members of this community to be good stewards of the public funds that support this organization and to make sure we are operating as efficiently and effectively as possible so that the necessary financial resources are available to support what we need to do to continually improve the services we provide to the community.
I look forward to the years to come and I am very excited about several projects and initiatives that we are involved in and that the MMC team plans on implementing. I am very grateful for the support of the community in helping this organization to operate through tax support and their continued use of the facility. With the additional resources we now have as a District, we should be able to do some very exciting things for this community and in partnership with our patients, who will always remain at the center of what we strive to do here every day.

Click for MMC’s Strategic Plan that supports our mission and vision statements, which is developed annually.

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