Board of Directors & Finance

Board of Directors

ChairJim Cavasso12/2024
Vice ChairCarol Madison 12/2024
SecretaryPaul Dolby12/2026
TreasurerMike Mason12/2026
MemberRose Boulade12/2026
District ClerkDenise King

Board of Directors Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Board Meetings are held the last Thursday of every month at 1:00 pm at the City Council Chambers. Exceptions for special meetings and reschedule meetings.

For prior meeting Agendas, Minutes or Packets, contact Last Frontier Healthcare District Clerk – Denise King at (530) 708-8801.

Finance Committee

Currently, the District only has one standing committee, the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee meets the Thursday of the week before the Board of Directors meeting at 3:30 pm and oversees the finances of the District.

This Committee is made up of one Board Member, two community members, the CEO, and Finance Director.

Board Director/Committee Vice ChairRose Boulade
Community MemberScott Swasey
Chief Executive OfficerKevin Kramer
Chief Financial OfficerPatrick Fields
District ClerkDenise King

Finance Committee Agendas & Minutes

Finance Committee Meeting Minutes - PENDING

November 30, 2023

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